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Mobile Technology Shapes the Future of CPG

Jim Lahey | November 14, 2012

CPG: Mobile Technology is Shaping the Future

Efficiency and accuracy are key in retail distribution of CPG products.  Cellular technology is advancing at a pace that is creating a wild ride.  People do not need to be tethered to a desk anymore. 

Broadband capability is exceptional these days and without four walls to hold it back, it has taken a foot hold in the CPG world.  Mobile applications, real-time alerts and notifications, text messaging, and GPS functionality are all part of the game. 

CPG companies need to be on top of their game because the customer expects it.  Mobile technology is now a real option when it comes to a technology strategy.  Advancements in the broadband spectrum such as 4G LTE are moving the technology to the forefront of the business world. 

What is driving this technology?  Consumers.  Everywhere you turn someone is looking at their phone.  The consumer drive is pushing mobile technology into the business operations.  Mobile technology has become a big part of the business world.

Logistics technology is changing. KANE is riding that wave and expanding its focus frame to include broadband technology.  Utilizing tablet technology and broadband services, KANE is implementing solutions that allow for more freedom and less restricted work environments. 

Buildings are going wireless.  Tablets are being used in a testing environment to see how they stand up to the rigors of daily use in distribution centers.  Nulogy, a packaging management software solution, has been rolled out, stepping up our logistics automation and gaining real-time flexibility.

All of this new technology increases accuracy and productivity allowing us to be more efficient and effective in the CPG world.