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Logistics Teams & Soccer Teams: The Biggest Aren’t Always the Best

Alex Stark | February 23, 2016

I know, soccer is boring. Soccer is a game where there are wins, losses, and ties. I understand that last part doesn’t jibe well with most Americans.

logistics team I’m a first generation American with a European father. American football wasn’t on the menu; soccer was, so I continue to have a passion for it. Currently, there is a mid-sized team in the English Premier League that is leading all other teams. I can’t help myself, I love that.

Speaking as a mid-sized 3PL, I believe there are many similarities between our soccer and logistics teams. Kane Is Able, like the Foxes of Leicester City (pronounced “les-ter”), is a relative ‘nobody’ in the field of supply chain logistics, which is dominated by ‘big teams’ like Exel, XPO, FedEx, and UPS.

However, as a sport’s fan, I’ve witnessed the underdog fight, compete, and win often.

It truly is all about the team. It’s about knowing your value, targeting your audience, and executing flawlessly and consistently.  

In a commoditized industry, it’s a challenge to stand out. It’s not about trucks and sheds and who can spend the most on equipment or acquisitions (think Chelsea). It’s all about your people – the logistics teams on the front lines getting the work done. It’s about having the proper mix of sage leadership, dedication to doing the little things right every day, and the entrepreneurial ethos to best serve your customers.

It’s about treating customers like family. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that? 

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