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3PL Outsourcing

Supply Chain Theater: A Nod to the Stagehands

Alex Stark | February 26, 2015

There's nothing like live theatre.  Living within driving distance of New York, I'm fortunate to be able to visit Broadway once in a while and I always marvel at the talent of the actors and singers.

But, as a logistics guy, I find myself thinking about all thestagehand things that go on backstage to make the magic happen. 

During scene changes, when the rest of the audience is checking their silenced cell phones, I scan the darkened stage as stagehands scuttle across unnoticed with props for the next scene. When the lights return, they're gone. Out of sight.  But magically, the actors are wearing new costumes, the scene has shifted from a busy street to a dingy basement and new music has completely transformed our mood.

The fact is, much of the magic happens behind the scenes. And isn't that what companies really seek in a logistics outsourcing relationship? A partner that works quietly, behind the scenes to make every order -- every supply chain production, if you will -- perfect.  

This latest video clip from KANE tries to capture that idea. 

In the world of 3PL warehousing and logistics, the products are the stars. Our job, in logistics outsourcing, is to make sure that they're on time, that they hit their mark and that they look as good as they can.

And to do all that behind the scenes, barely in earshot of the applause.