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Supply Chain Challenges

KANE’s Best-Read Blogs of 2019

Kane Logistics | December 19, 2019

Each month we write several articles on some aspect of logistics management. It’s always interesting to look back at the end of the year and see which ones had the highest readership. This year, a cost-saving blog topped the list (no surprise), but it was followed by two blogs focused on talent recruitment, illustrating what a key challenge this is for logistics organizations.

top-3-2019Here they are again in case you missed them the first time.

10 Strategies to Reduce CPG Logistics Costs.  This article is about 10 strategies to, uhh… I guess the title says it all.

Tackling the Logistics Industry Talent Gap from the Inside Out. For this article, we interviewed KANE’s VP of Human Resources, Amy Wren, on the subject of hiring from within. When talent is needed, there’s an assumption that the new guy or gal from the outside is smarter or better in some way, or that bringing in an outsider can accelerate achievement of a business objective. But that’s often a mirage.

School Superintendents Visit KANE’s Scranton Campus. This article sparked some real interest, maybe because it had a “man bites dog” element.  You don’t often spot six school district superintendents touring a distribution warehouse. But KANE recently hosted these education leaders, who were interested in learning more about career opportunities in logistics for their students who don’t plan to attend college – and for those who do and might be interested in pursuing a logistics degree. 


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