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KANE Q1 2016 Update

Alex Stark | March 24, 2016

Kane is Able is coming off a successful year in 2015, having grown 12.4% and well outpacing the CSCMP-reported industry average of 7.86%. 2016 has started out strong with plenty happening in the first quarter. Here’s a quick rundown on some recent news:

  • KANE received the President’s Award for best overall distribution center performance by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. The award recognizes operational excellence in logistics throughout Kimberly-Clark’s distribution system, which includes 12 large distribution centers.
  • Sams-Club-Logo.jpgSam’s Club named KANE its 3PL Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. We are extremely grateful and humbled by this tremendous honor. The award recognizes operational excellence and superior customer service.
  • KANE’s transportation team was awarded the Robert Lubeck Award by E&J Gallo/G3 Enterprises. The award is named for G3's respected logistics leader, now retired. The award recognizes logistics efforts that go far beyond the normal course of business. 
  • Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine named KANE a Green Supply Chain Award winner, recognizing the company’s efforts to make sustainability a core part of its supply chain strategy. Recent efforts have included an LED warehouse lighting upgrade that will save over 2 million kWh annually and eliminate the emission of 2.7 million pounds of greenhouse gases each year.
  • KANE CEO Mike Gardner was named to the board of directors of the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), an organization that supports disaster relief efforts through supply chain coordination.
  • KANE reported a 2015 safety incident rate of 2.1 across our entire 25 location distribution network and large transportation operation. This is well below the industry average of 5.2 and represents an 18% reduction from 2014.
  • Our transportation team incident rate was 40.8% below the private fleet average for 2015.
  • A new video was produced that features KANE associates discussing the company’s customer service philosophy. Check out the video.

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