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KANE Named Best Place to Work

Joe Turturica | October 17, 2012

Two weeks ago, KANE won first place as "Best Place to Work" in three categories in the Scranton Times-Tribune Readers Choice Awards - Warehouse & Distribution, Trucking & Transportation, and Manufacturing.

After reading the awards in the Sunday paper, I set off to do some shopping.  I went to a variety of stores, and at each one, noticed products that our associates helped to place there.  Our associates received product into our distribution centers, customized the packaging, loaded it onto trucks, and our drivers delivered it to the stores for consumers – you and me, to purchase.

As I reflected on this movement of goods, I couldn't help but recall a quote that we have posted in our main offices from our founder, Gene Kane, Sr.:

"Our business has been built on the premise that there is little to no physical difference between distribution centers.  The difference lies strictly in customer service."

How true.  The ownership and pride our associates invest makes all the difference. 

We are always looking for ways to recognize those efforts and increase associate satisfaction.  We held a rodeo for our CDL Class A drivers during National Driver Appreciation Week providing an opportunity to display their driving expertise.  In September, we held associate appreciation lunches at every facility in our national network: Scranton, Pittston, Kansas City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Hagerstown, MD, and Hooksett, NH.  We presented our five year associates with watches and celebrated other milestone anniversaries.  As we continue to grow our company, we look to our dedicated associates to build on their success and push our company to new heights.  

We are humbled and honored by these awards, because KANE was selected as a "Best Place to Work" by our associates, their families, and friends.  Thank you.