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KANE Joins VICS Empty Miles Program

Alex Stark | April 27, 2010

Recent industry analysis determined that 28% of all truck traffic is comprised of empty trailers.  Given the context of today's rising fuel costs coupled with sustainability efforts, this is a terrific opportunity for companies to make long-term impact to their bottom line while being a good steward to the earth.

VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions) introduced a program called Empty Miles to address this issue.  The new service helps reduce empty trailers and carbon footprint by enabling supply chain collaboration on route planning.

VICS-EM program

"Collaboration is the solution," says Chris Kane, Chief Customer Strategy Officer for Kane Is Able.  "We've been a member of VICS for years and we're excited to join this program as well.  It's a win for all involved—reduced emissions, fuel and labor savings, and increased asset utilization.  People know where the empty miles are, it's a matter of getting companies together to drive real change."

The Empty Miles program is a low cost collaborative solution providing visibility to shippers and carriers by identifying potential opportunities to reduce empty backhaul capacity.  It is a web based service to match carrier availability (empty miles) with transportation demand (loads) delivered through a members only internet portal.  All agreements are proprietary and not accessible to VICS.

The Empty Miles program was recently featured in a New York Times article.