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KANE invests to attract drivers

Alex Stark | September 05, 2012

Would You Invest $7 Million in Truck Driver Recruitment?

KANE did.  New International Power Unit

Well….sort of. 

KANE's recent $7 million fleet upgrade investment delivered on the efficiency gains you'd expect:

  • Lightweight engine design allows for more payload, reduces trucks on the road
  • Efficient engines deliver greater MPG, reduce carbon emissions.

But a portion of the investment was to make sure we keep the excellent drivers we have and recruit the best new drivers in this hyper-competitive market for truck driver recruitment.  COMFORT and SAFETY were key areas of focus in determining the final list of features for the new tractors.  Some of the features include:

  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Extra storage space
  • TV mount and antenna plug-in
  • Enhanced door and window seals for a quieter ride
  • Anti-rollover protection
  • Automated pre-trip inspection that quickly cycles through required checks
  • Battery powered APU units that allow drivers to turn tractors off while resting
  • Easy access to controls with many directly on the steering wheel.

When it comes to moving freight, drivers make it happen.  So finding the best ones is a critical strategy for trucking companies.  Recently-enacted federal safety rules, while needed, have further deteriorated the already shrinking pool of safe drivers.  A strong recruitment program is paramount to the success of a transportation solution provider such as KANE. 

That's why investing in the fleet makes sense.  It sends a powerful message to perspective drivers when a company is willing to invest in their safety and comfort. 

Driving a big rig is tough work for tough men and women, requiring them to be in their vehicle for the majority of hours they work.  It's reasonable for them to expect that, in return, they are as comfortable and as safe as possible when away from their home and loved ones.