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It’s about Safety, First and Last

Alex Stark | August 18, 2015

In early January, one of KANE's seven newly purchased tractors powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) caught fire on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, leading to an explosion when the flames hit the gas tanks.  The incident was caught on video by a motorist. 


The matter is now in litigation.  But the important thing is that no one was injured and KANE’s driver was able to exit the vehicle and move to safety. 

Trucks move about 70% of U.S. freight. Without them our current system of commerce would collapse.  But, in the end, these trucks are just collections of metal, glass, plastic and rubber. It’s flesh and blood that matters.

That’s why KANE decided immediately after the fire to mothball the other six CNG trucks in our fleet until we can be 100% sure that they pose no safety risk. No amount of lost revenue is worth any risk, however small.

Let’s face it, logistics has become big business. Wall Street is impacting company decisions like never before. But one thing we should all agree on – truck manufacturers, carriers, 3PLs and shippers alike – is that safety must always be our number one priority. Safety for our drivers and the millions of people with whom we share the road.