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Supply Chain Challenges, Ecommerce Fulfillment

How to Make the e-Commerce Supply Chain More Efficient

Kane Logistics | February 06, 2013

With U.S. e-Commerce sales as a percent of total retail sales growing at a whopping 17% pace annually (U.S. Census), manufacturers are scrambling to design their e-Commerce supply chains to be optimally efficient.  For many, the e-Commerce channel is not profitable.  The right fulfillment model is a key to reversing this flow of red ink.     

In this detailed video interview, Supply Chain Digest Editor Dan Gilmore talks to KANE's Mike Marlowe about a new model for the e-Commerce supply chain.  For manufacturers shipping to retailers, who then sell these manufacturer's products online, Mike suggests that manufacturers consider fulfilling these retail e-Commerce orders directly from their own DCs.  Taking on this role on behalf of the retailer would remove extra touches and freight runs and speed cash cycle time.  To learn more, view the video.