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How Smart CPG Companies Can Leverage Social Media for Business

Jim Lahey | May 01, 2013

Social media is here to stay…at least until the next big thing comes along.

Not too long ago, CPG companies struggled to prepare themselves for the electronic age. Now, companies do everything they can just to keep up. Smart companies continually experiment with how to best leverage the digital age.

It's a given that CPG companies (as well as most other businesses) be involved in social media. Social media provides organizations a unique opportunity to engage with customers that simply did not exist 10 years ago.

Ten reasons why you should be utilizing social media right now: 

1.  Build your brand. Engagement provides some control over what people think of your CPG business. Plus it creates brand recognition, and people are more likely to buy a brand they feel they know.

2.  Find prospects. Through social media, you can connect with potential customers and clients. Studies show that people listen to peer recommendations 6X more than traditional advertising.

3.  Know your market. Know what your potential buyers want and give it to them.

4.  Build community. By building a community around your CPG business, you create fans that trust you and are loyal to you. People want to join great communities.

5.  Give your business a personality. You can use social media to give your CPG business a face.

6.  Rank better in the search engines. Create profiles on every major social media platform and include a link back to your website in each profile. Post fresh content to create buzz for your brand and increase traffic.

7.  Network with influencers. Not only will you get noticed in the CPG world, you could also create potential business opportunities.

8.  Get noticed. Consumers are overwhelmed with data. If you build a presence on popular social media platforms, you create a community of consumers already pre-sold on buying your products and services.

9.  Keep an eye on the competition. You can monitor what your competitors are doing and better yet, what consumers think of the competition. Borrow with pride on best practices and provide an alternative should a rival misstep.

10.  Stay connected. Constant interaction and thoughtful content makes you relevant.