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How Can We Address the Logistics Talent Shortage?

Joe Turturica | August 01, 2013

How Can We Address the Logistics Talent Shortage?

According the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), in July, 2013, hiring increased in both the manufacturing and service sectors, 1.7% and 18.4% respectively, compared to a year ago.  So, the logistics industry continues to thrive, and in an ever-changing employment market. 

But, finding the best logistics talent is not easy.  Competitive salaries are needed to attract associates with the specialized skills your organization wants.  For the most talented professionals, it can be a seller's market.  Yes, you are assessing a candidate's capabilities during an interview process, but they are also assessing your company and determining if it is a place they can succeed and grow.   Here is where corporate culture plays a big role.  Have you created a corporate culture that is a competitive weapon in the battle for talent? 

Keeping talented logistics professionals can be just as hard as finding them.  Logistics organizations must have processes in place to retain and reward those associates.  A key to retention of the best managers involves training.  As talent markets begin to contract, companies must invest to prepare the next generation of corporate leaders for bigger and more complex challenges. 

Success in logistics requires good people, and one of the key HR challenges within the logistics industry is getting those good people in the door.  Ask yourself these questions to determine if your company is well-positioned to attract the best logistics talent.  Are your compensation packages adequate?   Is your corporate culture a competitive strength or weakness in the competition for top talent?  Are you investing enough time and effort to develop future leaders?