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Logistics Staffing: Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

Kane Logistics | February 05, 2014

Companies use many different hiring strategies and tools to aid in logistics staffing.  Some are very detailed and allow for little deviation, while others are informal and quick.  No matter what screening techniques you use for interviewing, there is always one choice that produces the greatest success in logistics staffing.  Always, always, always choose attitude over skill.

It's the difference between someone who "wants to do" and someone who simply "can do."  

Attitudes and skills will vary across candidates.  But it's hard to "teach" attitude and desire.  On the other hand, it's relatively easy to teach someone how to drive a forklift truck or to use an RF gun for picking.  Still, many companies prioritize skill over attitude when it comes to logistics staffing.  Consequently, a poorly motivated candidate who happens to have four months experience in a warehouse will get hired before a bright, motivated candidate who also has experience, just not in a warehouse setting.

Skills do play a part in determining the success of an associate, but passion and attitude are the ingredients that put them over the top.  Matching associates with their passion at work creates positive energy for them and everyone around them.

In your hiring strategies, make ATTITUDE a priority requirement for logistics staffing.  Find the people who want to do the work, who have the desire to learn, who will take on more responsibilities and enjoy the challenge.  When you find positive attitudes, enthusiasm follows. 

Once you have found those motivated candidates, match their talent and passion to the job function. Are they dedicated to serve others?  If so, put them in a customer service position.  Are they detail-oriented?  Then assign them to a quality assurance position.  Do they see situations as black and white? Your compliance department could be the perfect fit for such people.  It is vital that you provide a work environment in which they can remain passionate.

You will still need to help your associates develop skills and give them guidance in weak areas.  But those with the right attitude often proactively seek out this guidance.  They aggressively take steps that will contribute to their own success.  

The best hiring strategy for logistics staffing is to hire for attitude and train for skill.  Think about it.   When was the last time you witnessed an associate who failed when they had a positive attitude?