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Are you happy with your company's logistics performance

Alex Stark | August 08, 2019

Are you happy with your logistics performance?

A pretty simple question that calls for a yes or no answer.

Unfortunately, among us logistics types, our operations and engineering brains rely on formulas, not feelings, to provide the answer. 

logistics-performance-bigstock-3128855But do you really need data points from 101 different logistics KPIs to suggest if you’re happy with the performance of your 3PL or your own logistics team?  When the answer to the happiness question is “no,” these metrics are invariably below par.

Happy is a real-time success barometer.  As a logistics leader, you may not know whether this week's order accuracy percent is meeting the target KPI.  But you know if you are happy or not. And you know why.

Suggestion: Monitor your KPIs vigorously to drive  continuous improvement.  But don't lose site of the most telling success barometer of all. Are you happy?  Are your customers happy? 

If not, what are you going to do about it?

At Kane Is Able, we’ve made the shift and simplified:

  • Our customer service approach: KANE’s YOUgistics philosophy and culture is built around one thing – creating happy customers
  • Our performance measurement: customer happiness is the primary success measure that drives everything we do (check out our homepage happy meter).

Happy is not an end-point; it’s a starting point.  If you’re not happy, ask yourself why.  Your answer becomes your operational blueprint for change.

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