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Supply Chain Challenges

Logistics Saves Lives: Support ALAN and Partners on Giving Tuesday, 2018

Alex Stark | November 26, 2018

#GivingTuesday is November 27th.

It’s a global giving movement and you’ll (hopefully) see a good deal of coverage from many different, worthy organizations. 

alanAs a fellow logistician though, I’m asking for you to think about the supply chain – your supply chain and how it affects the flow of goods and services. ALAN, the American Logistics Aid Network, was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to assist those battered by that deadly storm. Kane Is Able heeded the call and has been a proud sponsor of ALAN since that time.

 American Logsitics Aid Network2018 has been another record-breaking year for disaster response. We’re asking you and your organization to consider making a donation. This year ALAN has teamed up with Humanity Road and Healthcare Ready. All three work as partners year-round to provide information, resources, and support to communities responding to disasters like Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, and the California wildfires.

This Giving Tuesday, consider donating to a disaster relief organization that amplifies your contribution by helping first responders and organizations on the ground provide relief across the U.S.

By donating to Healthcare Ready, Humanity Road, and ALAN, you are supporting organizations that help the helpers. Since all three organizations work as partners, your contribution goes even further to get disaster victims the help they need.

You can make a difference – use these links to donate to 1 (or all 3) of these great disaster relief organizations.

@HC_Ready: www.healthcareready.org/join-us

@HumanityRoad: www.humanityroad.org/appeal

@ALANaid: www.alanaid.org/donate/

Every person and organization has something to give. Please consider a donation – large or small. It matters. We’re all in this together.

Logistics saves lives.