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Supply Chain Challenges

Gene Kane’s Last ‘Message from the Chairman’ Cable Article

Alex Stark | February 11, 2011

Recently going through some files, I discovered a hand written paper from our late founder, Gene Kane.  It was addressed to me regarding the Cable, our company newsletter.  It is the last article Gene wrote for the publication.  
After 50 years in the business, Gene boiled it down to two words: Customer Service.

I heard him mention time and time again that we are a service industry.  That is what we have to offer to the marketplace, so it must be top notch. Otherwise, companies will go somewhere else.

I'm buoyed by the fact that no matter how sophisticated data management tools, communication devices, and material handling equipment becomes, it always comes down to human interaction.  The human relationship trumps all in business.  When things go well–all is well.  When things go awry, it is the true test of a company's character on how they handle that adversity.

As we continue to profile and attempt to predict consumer habits, Gene's philosophy—meeting and exceeding customer expectations through superior service—seems especially applicable to today's marketplace.

Enclosed is Gene's final article in its entirety.

There is little or no physical difference between distribution centers.

The difference lies strictly in customer service.

'Kane All Service' includes inventory going from the production line to a Kane trailer.  Our trailer will transport your products to our DC (distribution center) where your inventory will be married with others going to the same area for transportation savings and prompt delivery.  Any inventory not sold or shipped within a reasonable time frame will be included with other inventories for reverse logistics or a sell program for a good return.

The space in your building previously used for warehousing can now be used for production adding to your bottom line.

This program will work well.  Give it a try.  We're convinced you will say, "I wish this was available sooner!"

All Best Wishes.

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