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Culture of Innovation

Kane Logistics | October 24, 2012

Innovation: Moving From Buzzword to Business Culture

Just about every day we hear about the importance of innovation. It's clearly an opportunity for service providers to differentiate themselves in the eyes of their clients. That is particularly true in supply chain management, where shippers crave logistics innovation as a means to drive competitive advantage.

The thing about innovation in the workplace is that you can't snap your fingers and make happen. Nor can you force it to occur. 

Creating an inventive environment – one that constantly churns out improvement ideas and creative logistics strategies – happens over time by creating a business culture that allows associates to be thinkers, not just doers. Success in logistics innovation does not come from a flash fire action, but rather an intentional and long-term commitment to foster and reward breakthrough thinking. 

Without a true culture of innovation, then "logistics innovation" is merely a buzzword.