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CSA 2010: What's the Big Deal?

Alex Stark | December 20, 2010

CSA 2010. Mention it to anyone related to the trucking industry and you may get a reaction you weren't expecting. The initiative, whose ultimate goal is to achieve a greater reduction in large truck and bus crashes, injuries, and fatalities, while making efficient use of the resources of FMCSA and its state partners, has had a polarizing effect on our industry. With implementation scheduled to coincide with an increase in demand after some of the worst years in trucking history, some are calling it the "perfect storm" for a driver shortage. Others have hailed it as a long overdue safety initiative.

Let's be honest: if safety is a top priority for a carrier, they've already implemented the initiatives CSA 2010 monitors. Electronic logs, hands-free 24/7 communication to dispatch, well-maintained trucks and (most importantly) well-trained CDL drivers are examples of the industry's true safety measures and the most effective way for carriers to ensure lower scores. CSA 2010 only provides the guidelines for compliance and non-compliance.

Implementation is imminent, so let's stop debating and start complying. The sooner we get unsafe carriers and drivers off the road, the better.