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Create Logistics Leaders with Training, Investment

Kane Logistics | April 10, 2013

Leadership, whether in logistics, food manufacturing, or crayon making, comes down to individuals.  People make a company successful. People who are invested in the company make the difference. This is one of the characteristics of a "great company" made famous by business writer Jim Collins. Without invested, engaged people, organization don't make the leap to greatness.

So, how do we keep our great people while attracting the next generation of logistics leaders?  Leadership development.

At KANE, we invest in our people through on-going training, R Factor and Lead Now. This training was developed by Focus 3 and administered by our certified, in-house facilitators.  

R Factor is the behavior of people. It provides the framework to shift the way we think, react, and execute while being intentional about everything we do. The training's goal is to instruct participants to understand the impact of their actions – that responses are affected in either a positive and negative way on the company as a whole. Through this process, people become more intentional in their response to an event, therefore contributing directly to a desired outcome.

Lead Now training focuses on developing the network of logistics leaders. Results don't occur from wanting them to happen. Results come from leading something to happen. Logistics leadership is a relationship based on personal credibility and trust. The performance of an organization depends on the quality of the leaders.

We believe in investing in our associates to drive an invested workforce.

Is your organization doing the same?