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Consumer Product Goods on Rail? You Bet.

Alex Stark | May 08, 2013

Every time I research rail traffic in North America, I read a steady stream of good news – traffic is up, investment is up, efficiency continues to improve. In light of this past Earth Day, the AAR (Association of American Railroads) states that studies report railroads are on average four times more fuel efficient than trucks. AAR President and CEO, Edward Hamberger said recently, "If just 10 percent of the long-haul freight currently moving on our crowded highways were moved by rail, annual fuel savings would equal roughly 1 billion gallons."

That seems like a no brainer to me.

Further good news…looks like shipping via rail is increasing among companies in a wide range of industries, like food logistics companies.  Here's a great video I saw recently promoting GE's Juice Train, a partnership between Tropicana and CSX powered by GE's Evolution Series Tier 3 engine. It's a win for the shipper, vendor, retailer, and consumer.

Makes me thirsty for more collaboration. How about you?