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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Joe Turturica | January 09, 2013

Though your benefits package may be quite substantial, your associates may not completely understand or have comprehensive knowledge of all the benefits that you offer. Helping associates appreciate their benefits can raise morale and may even increase loyalty to your company.

To assist your associates in fully examining their benefits packet, consider educating them about the programs more frequently. In other words, communicate – often. Highlight the values, including any perks that may be overshadowed by traditional benefits. Talk about the benefits in stand-up morning meetings, in company newsletters, on posters, even on digital communication boards. Exhaust all avenues to get the information out and don't underestimate the influence of over-communicating.

Supervisors are an effective means in sharing important benefits information with associates. Since they are on the front lines with associates, a kinship and common ground usually develops. This comfortable environment can mitigate some of the apprehension associates feel about understanding their benefits. Opportunities to ask questions, express dissatisfaction, and discuss problems regarding their benefits should be encouraged.

So, why educate about benefit plans?

     *  All associates should possess comprehensive knowledge of their plans

     *  Knowledge breeds empowerment

     *  Empowered associates have confidence to make informed choices

A knowledgeable and informed workforce translates into a productive and innovative workforce.