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Choosing a 3PL: Can Culture Differentiate?

Alex Stark | June 14, 2018

For those of us with a little perspective on the 3PL industry (yes, that’s code for “I’m getting old”), the landscape has changed pretty dramatically over the last 10–15 years. 

M&A activity has resulted in fewer, larger players.  The assumption of the acquiring companies is that bigger is better – both for customers and shareholders.

They differentiate based on MORE – locations, trucks, people… But does “more” really improve the customer experience or drive bottom-line value? Or, in many cases, is it just window dressing?

Our research and experience tell us that the happiest companies who outsource logistics value partners who:

  • Do what they say they’ll do
  • Sweat the details and pinch pennies, like they are part of the customer’s internal team

Those things aren’t about “more,” they’re about CULTURE.  And culture is the one thing that can’t be acquired overnight with some venture capital money. 

Check out this short video clip of KANE CEO Mike Gardner talking about culture as it relates to differentiation and choosing a 3PL.



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