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warehouse best practices
Alex Stark | June 21, 2018

“Clean Team” Investigates Warehouse Sanitation Best Practices

Recently, a crack team of logistics detectives (aka “business students”) from the University of Scranton arrived at KANE’s Scranton distribution campus. Their mission: audit and document best practices in warehouse/DC sanitation for their s...
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Topics: Warehouse Operations, Logistics Safety, KANE Company News

Alex Stark | June 18, 2018

Making Intermodal Rail Service Work for Consumer Products

You know the historical gripes about rail. Slow service. Indirect routes. Poor visibility. Required increases in inventory levels.
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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

This quick-read eBook lists 12 best practices designed to elicit greatness from your 3PL.


Safety In Logistics Operations

4 strategies to turn safety from a compliance-driven chore to a profit-driving opportunity.

Alex Stark | June 14, 2018

Choosing a 3PL: Can Culture Differentiate?

For those of us with a little perspective on the 3PL industry (yes, that’s code for “I’m getting old”), the landscape has changed pretty dramatically over the last 10–15 years. M&A activity has resulted in fewer, larger players. The ass...
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Alex Stark | April 24, 2018

Training for Lean Warehouse Operations: Keep It Simple

Running a lean logistics operation is a great goal. But, if you’re not careful, programs designed to increase efficiency can become weighed down with bureaucracy, adding time and cost to your efforts. A good example is Lean training.
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non-asset-based 3PL
Alex Stark | March 29, 2018

Still debating Asset vs Non-Asset-Based 3PL? Meet the Hybrid 3PL

Play golf? Let’s say you’re in a fairway, about 180 yards from the green. You reach in your bag and then pause with uncertainty; do you want the loft and precision of an iron or the straight-ahead power of your fairway wood? It’s a tough de...
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Alex Stark | March 27, 2018

14 Strategies to reduce freight costs

Shippers often work under the assumption that the way they ship freight (and the associated costs) are pretty much fixed and can’t change. But just because “it’s always been done this way” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge the status quo...
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Alex Stark | March 15, 2018

Inland Empire Logistics: 2018 Outlook

As the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to experience record-setting growth, the entire Southern California logistics industry is in full “boom” mode. And, it’s not just Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are benefiting. The I...
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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, 3PL Outsourcing, Ecommerce Fulfillment

Alex Stark | March 08, 2018

Get to Know the Regional Trucking Companies in Your Key Markets

If your business has geographic markets with high concentrations of customers, it may make sense to get closer to regional carriers in these markets. Carriers and 3PLs who specialize in regional transportation are uniquely equipped to suppo...
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Topics: Freight Transportation