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KANE trailer at PLCB store
Alex Stark | September 14, 2018

2018 Driver Appreciation Week

I look forward to this week every year. It's National Truck Driver Appreciation week as designated by the ATA (American Trucking Associations). All week long we have been celebrating one of our most important associate bases -- our fantasti...
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Topics: Freight Transportation

Alex Stark | September 13, 2018

Is Your 3PL Ready to Offer Contract Packaging Services?

As retail customer demands for customized items grow, and as retailers expand the variety of packaging to fit trends, themes and holidays, the demand for contract packaging services has also grown.
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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, Contract Packaging

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

This quick-read eBook lists 12 best practices designed to elicit greatness from your 3PL.


Safety In Logistics Operations

4 strategies to turn safety from a compliance-driven chore to a profit-driving opportunity.

Alex Stark | September 01, 2018

Routing Guide Compliance Fosters Strong Retailer Relationships

As CPG suppliers follow their large retailer customers into the uncharted territory of e-tailing and increasingly lean supply chains, compliance with retailers’ transportation routing guides is a make-or-break element in the ongoing relatio...
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outsource logistics
Alex Stark | August 23, 2018

Outsource Logistics: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

Mutually rewarding outsourcing relationships in logistics come down to just two words: trust and respect. Where these exist between the parties, everything else falls in line.
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Topics: 3PL Outsourcing

Alex Stark | August 16, 2018

Cost Sharing in Logistics

Cost sharing has become commonplace as businesses look to shave costs without giving up a strategic edge. Big dollar infrastructures are good examples of where companies are willing to work together to defray the costs for all.
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Topics: Freight Transportation

Alex Stark | August 10, 2018

Meeting Retailers' On Time In Full Delivery Requirements

Retail replenishment got a little trickier with the announcement, by Walmart, that the retailer is instituting stricter supplier requirements for On Time In Full (OTIF) inbound deliveries to its distribution centers. There is now a cost to ...
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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, Warehouse Operations

Alex Stark | July 02, 2018

5 Reasons to Do Copacking in the DC

Consumer goods companies often outsource copacking services to outside contract packagers, adding a costly and time-consuming step between manufacturing and the distribution center.
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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges

Alex Stark | June 28, 2018

What is YOUgistics?

The 3PL industry has changed drastically over the last 10 years. Among the many things on the plus side, the industry continues to grow at a healthy rate and shippers today truly recognize the value 3PLs bring to their businesses. But we ne...
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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, 3PL Outsourcing, KANE Company News