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Atlanta: Distribution Center Hub of the Southeast

Alex Stark | May 07, 2014

Metro Atlanta is home to over a dozen Fortune 500 and two dozen Fortune 1000 company headquarters. In addition, the city's central location in the Southeast makes it a perfect hub for Southeast product distribution. 

The logistics infrastructure in Georgia supports all modes of transportation. With two major cross country interstates in I-95 and I-75 and four additional interstates connecting Georgia to 15 states, Atlanta is a logical distribution point for companies delivering product to their Southeast customers. 

Distances from Atlanta to other Southeast cities:

  • Birmingham, AL     152 miles
  • Charleston, SC      325 miles
  • New Orleans, LA    477 miles
  • Little Rock, AK       525 miles
  • Miami, FL               668 miles
  • Nashville, TN          786 miles

These are only a few of the cities served by Atlanta distribution centers. Manufacturers and distributors use Atlanta to improve delivery service to their Southeast customers and reduce total distribution costs. Among the attractions of an Atlanta distribution center:

  • Robust freight transportation infrastructure
  • Availability of labor
  • Largest airport in the world (Hartsfield-Jackson), with direct cargo service to China

The city's Supply Chain Leadership Council is an active group that has pledged to establish Atlanta as a premier global hub for supply chain management. 

KANE is among a large number of third party logistics providers with a strong presence in Atlanta. KANE provides a full range of logistics services from its Atlanta distribution center.  Benefits of the facility include:

  • Variable cost pricing to accommodate seasonal volume shifts
  • Temperature-controlled, food grade warehousing with superior ratings from the American Institute of Baking (AIB)
  • Local transportation assets to provide an integrated storage and delivery solution
  • Direct rail access via CSX to enable lower-cost, lower-carbon intermodal freight service
  • LTL consolidation services
  • Atlanta bonded 3PL warehousing services
  • Easy on-off highway access from a location just west of city center

To learn more about KANE's Southeast logistics services, contact us today. Or call 888-356-KANE (5263) to speak to one of our business development consultants about an Atlanta distribution center solution.