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Efficient Co-Packing Services Require Mix of Manual & Automated Processes

3PL Selection: Rely on Customer Experience to Identify the Right Partner

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

This quick-read eBook lists 12 best practices designed to elicit greatness from your 3PL.


Safety In Logistics Operations

4 strategies to turn safety from a compliance-driven chore to a profit-driving opportunity.


Exploring the Benefits of Dedicated Fleet Services

The Keys to Great 3PL Customer Service: An Interview with KANE’s Jason Brown

The Advantages of Northeast Regional Trucking Companies

Give me some (warehouse) space

Partnership is the Key Ingredient to 3PL Innovation

The Dangerous Ripple Effects of High Warehouse Employee Turnover

Tips for Starting a New Logistics Operation During a Pandemic

Warehouse Worker Protection Critical to Sustaining Productive DC Operations

Wine & Spirits: 6 tips to Reduce Product Damage in the Warehouse

A Look Back: Top Logistics Blog Posts of 2020

Warehouse Food Safety: An Interview with KANE’s Quality and Compliance Czar

The Myth About Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Key Trends in Food and Beverage Logistics

Be kind. Be careful. Be yourself.

The Freight Rate Trap: How Chasing Spot Market Pricing Can Backfire

Managing 3PL Relationships: Look for Intangible Benefits

Maximizing Logistics Outsourcing Benefits: What Shippers Can Do

What to Look for in Food Logistics Companies

Wine and Spirits Logistics

Streamline Packaging by Integrating with Product Distribution

10 Tips to Improve Logistics Workforce Management

Logistics Planning Crucial to Smooth Warehouse Start-up Projects

Examining Freight Delivery Challenges During COVID-19

Logistics Workforce Protection: The New Normal in 3PL Operations

8 Tips for Efficient Omnichannel Distribution

Warehouse Slotting: Low-Hanging Fruit for Labor Savings

An Interview with Patrick Coughlin, KANE’s New Chief Operating Officer

It’s Valentine’s Day: Are You Still in Love with Your 3PL?

Is Your 3PL in the News? What for?

Why You Should Move Secondary Packaging Closer to the Consumer

KANE 2019 - Year in Review

The KANE story – in the style of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

KANE’s Best-Read Blogs of 2019

Dispatches from the Road: Paul Pantellis

School Superintendents Visit KANE Scranton Campus

Dispatches from the Road: Marjorie Carney

Can We Attract 18-Year-Olds to a Logistics Career?

Dispatches from the Road: Alexis Figueroa

Flexibility AND Scalability: A Scarce Combination Among 3PLs

Happy CX Day

3PL Metrics: Do Retail Suppliers Measure Success the Wrong Way?

What’s Wrong with Continuous Improvement Programs in Logistics?

The ROI of Logistics Safety Programs

Are you happy with your company's logistics performance

Logistics KPIs: Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense

Logistics for Middle Market Companies

Use of Temporary Labor for Warehouse Staffing

An Interview with Stan Schrader, KANE’s New Chief Commercial Officer

Distribution Network Optimization: Modeling Tools Won’t Give You the Answer

AIB Standards: What are they and why are they important?

Regional Carriers Are Great Source for Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

The Pitfalls of Lean Warehousing Programs and How to Avoid Them

Customer Service in Logistics Needs a Shift in Focus

Warehouse Labor: The 'Real' Cost of Warehouse Worker Turnover

Co-packing Services and Your 3PL

Are You Happy (logistically speaking)?

Why Amazon Logistics Is Good for the 3PL Industry

10 Strategies to Reduce CPG Logistics Costs

The ‘Real’ Cost of a Warehouse Associate

5 Ways to Reduce Freight Damage

5 Ways to Get Max Benefit from Your Logistics Service Provider

5 ways to reduce logistics costs in consumer goods distribution

Kane Is Able Announces Investment by Harkness Capital Partners

Dispatches from the Road: John Shepherd

Integrate Custom Product Packaging into Distribution Center Operations

7 Bold Steps to Ensure Freight Capacity

Why Intermodal Rail Use Continues to Soar

Should the State DOT Mandate Weather-Related Commercial Vehicle Bans?

Use Softer Freight Market to Focus on Building Carrier Relationships

Tackling the Logistics Industry Talent Gap from the Inside Out

6 Must-Haves for 3PL Food Warehousing

How to Improve Logistics Safety Performance in Your Operations

Boise Paper Presents Kane Is Able with 3PL of the Year Award

The top challenges of managing a warehouse staff? Survey says...

KANE 2018 – Year in Review

KANE Gives Secondary School Educators a Lesson in Logistics

Mid-Tier Suppliers Voice Retail Distribution Frustrations

Logistics Saves Lives: Support ALAN and Partners on Giving Tuesday, 2018

Dispatches from the Road: Kevin Belfon

KANE is Aggressively Expanding Space Within its Warehouse Network

Reflections on CX Day

Dispatches from the Road: Andre Chollette

2018 Driver Appreciation Week

Is Your 3PL Ready to Offer Contract Packaging Services?

Routing Guide Compliance Fosters Strong Retailer Relationships

Outsource Logistics: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

Cost Sharing in Logistics

Meeting Retailers' On Time In Full Delivery Requirements

Dispatches from the Road: Scott Donlin

Dimensional Weight Pricing Now Impacting Less than Truckload

5 Reasons to Do Copacking in the DC

What is YOUgistics?

“Clean Team” Investigates Warehouse Sanitation Best Practices

Making Intermodal Rail Service Work for Consumer Products

Choosing a 3PL: Can Culture Differentiate?

Dispatches from the Road: Gary Allagrucci

8 Types of Logistics Waste Within an Organization

Shippers Win When Carriers Work Together to Reduce Empty Miles

7 Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity – Right Now

8 Strategies to Reduce Freight Shipping Costs

Dispatches From the Road: Don Brobst

Barriers to Working with Freight Consolidation Services Companies

Training for Lean Warehouse Operations: Keep It Simple

What You Need to Know About Freight Consolidation Services

The Role of the TMS in 3PL Transportation Services

Still debating Asset vs Non-Asset-Based 3PL? Meet the Hybrid 3PL

14 Strategies to reduce freight costs

Inland Empire Logistics: 2018 Outlook

Get to Know the Regional Trucking Companies in Your Key Markets

Freight Management Logistics for Lean Capacity Times

Collaborate with Carriers to Face the Truck Capacity Crunch

Need to Define Your CPG Supply Chain Strategy? Ask a Six-Year-Old

Modernizing the Exchange of Supply Chain Data

Can 3PLs Be Your Contract Packagers?

Shippers Turn to Intermodal Transport for 2018 Capacity

KANE 2017 - Year in Review

2017 Supply Chain Issues: The Year’s Top Blog Posts

The Best Truck Drivers Are Calm Under Pressure

KANE Study: LTL Transportation a Key Concern

A Collection of Recent KANE Articles on the Shortage of Drivers

Truck Driver Shortage: Lessons from Katrina

Thoughts on 2017 Truck Driver Appreciation Week

CPG Distribution Services: Lean on 3PLs to Compete and Win

Planning for Supply Chain Disruptions

Improving Warehouse Worker Retention

Ways to Improve Truck Driver Safety

Want to Improve Truck Driver Retention? Hire Better.

Logistics Site Location: Scranton Could Be Lowest-Cost Option

A Look at the Lehigh Valley Warehousing Boom

Green Trucking Progress Threatened By Potential SmartWay® Repeal

Top 3PL Lists Should Be More Than Ballot Stuffing

Do We Need a Better Model to Manage Logistics Outsourcing Relationships?

Do Tighter Ship Time Demands from Retailers Inhibit Green Shipping?

ELD Mandate: Impact on Carriers and Shippers

Outside Warehouse Solution: Check Out Video

Retail Consolidation Services 101

Six Sigma Methods in Logistics

A Cross Dock Facility Can Cut Distribution Costs by 50%

HOS Rules and Driver Turnaround Time

The Food Safety Plan: What to Include

Prevent Foodborne Illness: Food Logistics Companies Can Help

As Freight Capacity Tightens, Is Reliance on the Spot Market Too Risky?

The Logistician’s Guide to the Food Safety Modernization Act

Top Causes of Warehouse Accidents

The Warehouse Safety Audit: From Confrontation to Collaboration

Four Trends That Will Shape Secondary Packaging

Proactivity in Logistics: Beware the Comfy Chair

Warehouse Safety Training: Consider Your Audience

Logistics Customer Satisfaction: Focus on the End Customer

Proactive Logistics: A Key Ingredient to Staying Invisible

The Best 3PLs Should Be Invisible

Improve Shipping and Distribution Services with Rail and Cross Docking

10 Tips To Streamline Your Wine and Spirits Distribution

Traveling the Rails - No Longer Just for Hobos

Carrier Relationships: All You Need is Love

Mining for Logistics Innovations

Scheduling Freight for Off-Peak Hours Can Reduce Costs

Set 3PL Contract Length to Allow Investment

How to Keep Safety Audits from Being a White-Knuckle Experience

How Do You Create a Culture of Safety in Your Logistics Operation?

The Right Changes Can Attract More Women Truck Drivers

Are Autonomous Trucks Inevitable for Freight Distribution?

Truck Driver Shortage. What Should Shippers Do?

Inventory Optimization Can Be a Struggle for Mid-Sized CPGs

Final Regulations out on Heavy Truck Fuel Efficiency

Mid-sized CPG Manufacturers Seek More Collaboration with Retailers

3PL Innovation Requires Shipper Commitment

Supplier-Retailer Collaboration in a Changing Market

Do Regular Freight Contract RFPs Really Reduce Costs?

Hostess Brands Update: Score one for Supply Chain Operations

Warehouse Automation Gaining Momentum

3PL Advantages: Is Bigger Really Better?

Warehouse Labor: Talent Matters More Than Ever

Port Expansion: The Challenge of Sustainable Growth

3PL Management: Getting the Most from Logistics Partners

Logistics Outsourcing: How Close Are You to Your 3PL?

Trade Promotion Management: How Poor Planning Cripples Profitability

Doing Secondary Packaging in the Distribution Center

Warehouse Training for Technology Implementations

Should We Have 18-Year-Old Truck Drivers?

KANE Q1 2016 Update

Nordstrom Moves Quickly to Support Omni-Channel Distribution

America’s Crumbling Transportation Infrastructure: The Price We Pay

You Gotta Love a Good Comeback Story

Top Articles on Warehouse Labor Management

Logistics Teams & Soccer Teams: The Biggest Aren’t Always the Best

The Role of Culture in the 3PL Selection Process

How to Reduce Your Dependence on LTL Freight Shipping

How to Reduce LTL Shipping Costs

10 Tips to Maximize 3PL Benefits

The Problems with Lean Program Management

Are Mid-Tier 3PLs Still Relevant?

The Key to Retailer and Supplier Collaboration: Talking More

The Retail Supply Chain: Purchasing & Logistics Are Not Aligned

Warehouse Labor: What’s the Future of Work?

Retail Forecasting Remains Biggest Frustration Point for Suppliers

Logistics M&A Activity: Where Does the Customer Fit?

New Research Explores CPG Supply Chain Collaboration