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eBooks to Help You Manage Your CPG Supply Chain

Looking to manage your CPG supply chain more efficiently? Great. KANE can help.

Please help yourself to the efficiency-boosting eBooks below (no forms to fill out). We'll also follow up with a few (just a few) emails with related KANE articles we hope you will find useful.


Retailer-Supplier Collaboration
New research with retailers and suppliers identifies barriers to collaboration and suggests ways to improve.


The Power of We
Examining the cost and environmental advantages of shared retail product distribution.


The Purchasing-Logistics Disconnect
How silos within retailer organizations are costing millions in supply chain costs.


Supply Chain Trends Impacting the CPG Industry
Five forces that will impact future logistics operations for consumer products.


Look Who’s Riding the Rails
Changes have made rail a viable option for distribution of consumer products and rail shippers are realizing the benefits.


Packaging and the Streamlined Supply Chain
Paper reviews four trends that will shape how future product packaging is done, and who will do it.


Strategies to Reduce Logistics Costs in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain
Five strategy changes consumer goods manufacturers should consider for large savings.


Integrate Packaging with Distribution Operations
How CPG companies can streamline their supply chains by integrating final packaging into distribution operations.


Logistics for Mid-Sized CPG Companies
Paper reviews how mid-sized CPG companies can drive supply chain efficiencies despite a lack of systems capabilities and freight volumes enjoyed by larger competitors.


Logistics Support for Trade Promotions
Trade promotions, a marketing staple of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, are a messy management challenge. This paper examines solutions to cleaning up the mess.