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Need 3PL warehouse services anywhere in the U.S.? We’ve got you covered.


3PL Warehouse Services

KANE operates dedicated and shared 3PL warehouse centers throughout the U.S. Our dedicated operations are highly customized to the precise needs of those customers. Our shared warehouse services co-locate products from many different companies, who save by sharing overhead. As part of our 3PL warehousing services, we do a large volume of pick and pack services in support of eCommerce fulfillment.

KANE Warehousing Services

  • Dedicated Contract Operations for Warehousing. KANE contract logistics services include a turnkey solution for warehousing services, including site location, warehouse design, staffing and facility operation. Our goal is to turn your distribution center into a competitive advantage.

  • Shared Warehousing. KANE’s solution creates a shared distribution infrastructure where like companies can share warehouse and trailer space to reduce the cost and energy use associated with product distribution.


More Information on KANE’s 3PL Warehouse Services

  • Accurate. KANE operates high-volume, high-turn distribution operations with precise accuracy and compliance with your retail customer’s shipping requirements.
  • Efficient. Warehousing services integrate with contract packaging and freight transportation services to create a seamless, single-source solution for product distribution.
  • Compliant. We ensure tight compliance with retail routing guides to avoid chargeback penalties.
  • Omnichannel. KANE manages high volume B2B and B2C fulfillment from our 3PL warehouse locations. No need for multiple providers, buildings and systems.

We wanted the best of both worlds: outside expertise provided by people who knew our challenges and products as well as we did.

- VP of Operations, pet food company

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